Seismic Retrofit Cost Recovery Program Assistance & Financing

Many property owners we’ve spoken to on the LADBS ordinance list are going to be uniquely burdened by the soft story retrofit cost associated with this mandate.

That’s why Seismic Synergies is currently offering an industry leading, 100% financed solution that includes zero up-front seismic retrofit costs and 0% interest for those who qualify.

However, this is on a first come, first served basis. As deadlines approach and projects begin to stack up, we may not be able to offer this financing solution to all interested parties.

To get started with a free inspection and to find out the cost of your earthquake retrofit, please call us at (888) 507-0758 or request an on-site inspection online.

Our Financing & Retrofit Cost Recovery Plan services include…

  • No payments due until start of construction

    We don’t charge you a dime until construction starts!

  • 100% in-house financing

    We finance our projects ourselves, and control all aspects of financing.  This gives us flexibility to customize our financing to fit your needs.

  • 0% interest

    We offer 0% interest financing for those who qualify, meaning your project can get done without drastically affecting your bottom line.

  • Cost Recovery Assistance

    Our Administration Team will assist you to determine your best possible ROI through the LADBS Cost Recovery Program (CRP).

Minimal impact on your bottom line

Getting a seismic retrofit is something most building owners don’t look forward to, especially financially.

Let us ease the financial burden by assisting you with financing your seismic retrofit projects.

We engineer your seismic retrofit with cost in mind.  You’ll never pay for something that you don’t need. Guaranteed!

Click the button below to learn more about our seismic retrofit financing services and find out the cost to earthquake retrofit your building.