Seismic Construction for Soft Story Buildings in LA

The first step in any soft-story seismic retrofitting project is to analyze the structure and determine the best way to strengthen the building. One of our foundation experts will have to weigh several factors when deciding the best approach to the project.

Not only do we have to ensure the property will meet the structural standards required of retrofitted buildings, but we also have to minimize the impact on the function and use of the building. As easy as it would be to reinforce buildings by filling their ground floor parking spaces with braces or walling over their picture windows, those are not the best options.

Instead, at Seismic Synergies, we typically use a few different approaches to complete a soft-story seismic retrofit.

As a fully licensed contractor with many years of earthquake resistant construction experience, Seismic Synergies can handle all of your seismic construction needs. From architectural planning, permits, foundations, framing, wall installation, electrical and roofing, the company can provide a full-service solution to your home addition or new soft story construction needs.

We utilize several soft story retrofit solutions, including…

  • Moment Frames

    A moment frame is a system of columns and beams that are connected to one another with fully and/or partially restrained connections.  A special moment frame is expected to withstand significant inelastic deformation as a result of lateral forces. They are used typically in mid/high-seismic regions and are significantly more expensive than other retrofit options.

  • Cantilever Columns

    A cantilever is a horizontal beam that is unsupported at its end.  A cantilever column is the vertical component that supports the horizontal cantilever beams.

  • Shear Walls

    A shear wall is a vertical-oriented wide beam that transfers lateral forces from exterior walls, floors, and roofs to the ground foundation.

Durable, Reliable Soft Story Construction

Seismic Synergies is your top choice for seismic engineering and earthquake resistant construction services for every type of seismic retrofit. Whatever your design build need we are ready assist you with your next seismic retrofitting project.

While we possess the resources and capabilities to take on any size contract, we consider no job too specialized, too large or too small. We believe that every project deserves our utmost attention to detail and commitment to client satisfaction. Our clients know they can depend on us to get the job done on time and on target, from start to finish and every step in between. Whatever your needs, wherever you’re located, trust Seismic Synergies to do it right.

LA Seismic Retrofit Construction Bids

If you own a soft-story structure, Seismic Synergies is offering a free inspection consultation to building owners. To schedule a free inspection, please fill out the form on this page or call us now at (800) 520-2824. A representative will review the information you provide and contact you to schedule your inspection.

If you already have your engineering plans and are only looking for seismic construction bids, please contact us here.